Live Session 2012

by Cheating Jack Ketch

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Tracked live at PMC studios 18.11.12
Produced by Doc Collins


released November 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Cheating Jack Ketch UK

4 piece alternative hardcore band from Plymouth. Groovy tunes and explosive live show.

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Track Name: Box Of Rabbits
He can’t help himself,
With nothing to lose,
And loyalty means nothing,
When he has to choose.
No he can’t help himself,
These girls are just as bad,
And I wonder,
How many sluts does this village have?

They’re all so gross,
What a horrid place,
This incest holds no grace.

What’s wrong with this town?
Please leave me out,
Cos this isn’t my home,
No this aint my home,
What’s wrong with these people?
I’m not like them,
And I won’t follow,
No I will not.

She can’t help herself,
All self-respect has gone,
If she didn’t fuck everything,
She could have been the one.
She slept around the town,
Betraying what were friends,
Now how does this sound?
This sounds like the end.

They’re all so wrong,
It’s sickening,
To think he touched her.

Are you really that desperate, you don’t care who you hurt?
Are you really that desperate, you don’t care who you hurt?
There’s only one in this place, with a heart of gold.
There’s only cock in this place, for your punk ass hoes.
Track Name: By Your Side
I’ve got you under my skin,
And all over my sheets,
I’ve got last nights,
Promises to keep.
I’ve got you in my head,
Scratches down my back,
Taking you home again,
Heading down that track.

It won’t be long till, the fire’s burning bright,
It won’t be long, till I’m by your side, no.

I’ve got you on my fingers
And running down my arm,
I’ve got these chills up my neck,
Finding it hard to keep calm.
I’ve never been so awake,
Now I’ve that you’re here with me,
I’ve never been so awake,
Good morning glory.

It won’t be long till, the fire’s burning bright,
It won’t be long till, I’m by your side,
It’s been a worthless year, too much wasted time,
But it won’t be long till, I’m by your side, no.
Track Name: The Working Weak
Try as might you, you wont forget,
See there's no running, from this debt,
Worked to the bone, and still so poor,
See there's no time, to wish for more.

This life,
All lies,
See we're brought up,
To be so blind,
This life,
The happiness,
We left behind.

And you know,
Deep in your core,
This is not,
Why you were born.

Try as hard as you can, to pay this off,
Soon you'll realise, it's never enough,
You've worked you're whole, life away,
Only hoping, for the end of the day.