False Awakenings

by Cheating Jack Ketch

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released May 9, 2013

All songs written by Robert Doran
Produced by Cheating Jack Ketch and Rich Robinson
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Robinson



all rights reserved


Cheating Jack Ketch UK

4 piece alternative hardcore band from Plymouth. Groovy tunes and explosive live show.

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Track Name: The Beauty Of Your Lies
Looking back
It’s like what was I thinking
So high on the tide
To notice we were sinking
Now laid to rest
In crashing waves
Hello tomorrow
Goodbye yesterday

I can see the beauty of your lies
All these promises broken in your eyes
And I can’t help but wonder why
It took so long (it took so long)
To realise

Looking back
I can’t comprehend
Too many reasons
For it all to end
We flogged that dead horse
Barely kept afloat
I held onto each word
Of every love note
Track Name: He Sleeps In My Grave
Please say, you’ve not forgotten
And the memories, have not gone rotten
Never say, we were a waste of time
And just remember, I had you first

He sleeps in my grave
Content next to you
He sleeps in my grave
There’s nothing more I can do
He sleeps in my grave
I’ve been buried a long time
He sleeps in my grave
Now your his, no long mine

Replaced again, best wishes bitch
You’re a thorn in my side, no more than a stitch
Do you remember, being happy?
Of course for you, it never stopped
Track Name: Another Day
I had that dream last night
Where we talked it through for days
You tell me it’s alright
Your eyes give me faith
We visit all the old places
Each spot, a thousand memories
Of all the faces
Yours stays with me

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you
You’re always in my head if only you knew
Not a day goes by that you don’t cross my mind
You’re image so clear 5 years down the line

I had that dream again
You reached out and took my hand
Holding on until the end
Like you could understand
We ran through the fields so green
Ones that you talked about
Your smile fills the scene
Leaving me to wake in doubt

Another day goes by,
And I’ve been left behind.

I wonder if you think of me
Even if you did you wouldn’t say
The best years have been and gone
Maybe you’ll come back some day
And after everything I’ve done
And everything I’ve seen
I’m still looking back
But your memory’s just a dream

Another day goes by,
And I’ve been left behind.

Wake up.
Track Name: Never Doubt Me
Fuck being a first love again
I just can’t take it
When you’re a burden
No one wants that shit
I live life not by the book
And I sleep alone
Live without consequence
My mistakes are my own

At the end of the day
When everyone’s gone
Never doubt me
Cos I will prove you wrong
And with my last breath,
With a hand wrapped round your throat
Never doubt me,
Will be the words on which you choke.

First mistake, second foolish
Third ripped me apart
The weight left my shoulders
From my chest came my heart
I love this fragile existence
For sure a broken man
But I feed this hunger
Take from life what I can

I’ll take this plane, and get off the other end
A different man, a whole new trend